Morning + Evening Skincare Routines

gel cleanser
toner (apply with these to reduce waste)
facial oil (a few times/week)

cleansing balm
exfoliating cleanser
eye cream
moisturizer + retinol
facial oil

I’m bit embarrassed to admit skincare was never a priority for me until about a year ago. I never had great skin, so you’d think I would’ve made more of an effort. I didn’t wear sunscreen and went to tanning beds waaaaaaay too much throughout high school, college, and for a few years after. I wasn’t great about washing my face at night either and definitely wasn’t moisturizing. Last summer, after so many years of neglect, I decided it was time to make some changes. I got tired of feeling so badly about the way it looked (especially sans makeup) and decided to make an investment in myself. I bought Rodan + Fields Reverse System and used it religiously. I loved that everything came packaged together with step by step instructions; it was perfect for a beginner like me! I noticed results in the first month and have been obsessive about skincare ever since. Once I got through that system and felt comfortable with skincare products, I tried various items from several different brands and added balms, serums, oils, and face masks. It may sound like a lot, and it kind of is, but for me it’s worth it. Having clearer, more even skin has made me feel so much more confident in the way I look, which you can’t really put a price tag on, imo. I actually leave my house without makeup on occasionally, which I NEVER used to do!

Is my skin perfect? No. Do I still break out sometimes? Yes (especially during that time of the month). Is there more I could do for even better results? Absolutely (I think my next investment will be a Clarisonic, then a GloPRO – if you have any tips on those let me know). Overall, do the results of these routines make me a happier person? 100%. Look good, feel good…am I right?!

If you want to incorporate more into your routine, but don’t know where to start, the cleansing balm and retinol are products you can easily add that will make an impact. The balm is more of a solid consistency, but turns into an oil once you apply it. It helps melt away makeup before you cleanse so your face is truly clean. I don’t know about you, but I always had issues with that, which obviously contributed to my breakouts. As for the retinol, I mix it with my moisturizer each night. It helps shed new skin to reduce fine lines + wrinkles and dark spots + blemishes. Retinol can cause sensitivity, so it’s very important to wear sunscreen when using it. It’s helped improve my skin in a BIG way. I absolutely love the results I’ve seen and can’t see myself ever not using some form of retinol. DO NOT use it if you are pregnant and if you have any questions in general, please ask a doctor.

Pro Tip: If you’re a newbie, take a screenshot of this so you have a reference of when each product should be applied. It can be a bit overwhelming, so keeping an easily accessible picture on your phone is super handy!

Also, don’t assume you should stay away from moisturizers + facial oils if you’re an oily girl. I made the mistake of not using them because I thought they would make me more oily. Quite the opposite is true. When you don’t use them your skin can end up over producing oil, which is no bueno. I opt for a gel moisturizer so my skin is still hydrated without feeling greasy and have had zero issues with the Elemis oil capsules. I love them!

Ok, that’s a lot of information, so if you’re still reading…THANK YOU! I’m excited I got to share my lineups because the products have truly changed the way I feel about myself when I look in the mirror. If the cost or commitment of a consistent skincare regimen has intimidated you in the past, I hope this post makes it seem a little easier and a lot more worth it to invest in yourself!

As always, if you have any questions please let me know.


*I received this product as a sample. I LOVE it, but the full size is very expensive. The sample I received is about 1/3 of a regular size bottle so >$100 value (thanks to Ipsy)! I probably won’t order this again when I run out due to the price, so I’ll have to find another serum to replace it. Recommendations gladly accepted!

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