With Valentine’s Day only a week away I thought I’d post another gift guide, but this time for him. All picks shown are from Amazon so you’ll have plenty of time to order and get them delivered before February 14th. I enlisted my hubby’s help on a few of these to give you a complete assortment of options at various price points.

  1. YETI mug – We have a few YETI tumblers in various sizes, but I really love these mugs. They look great, come in a multitude of colors, and unlike the tumblers, they have handles. LOVE!
  2. Jack Black body wash – This is Rob’s favorite shower gel and I’m so glad because it smells soooooooo good. Amazon also has a Jack Black set that includes the body wash, lotion, deodorant, a loofah, and a case.
  3. Airplane cocktail kit – If you’ll be in the air for Valentine’s this is the perfect gift. Grab a couple of them so you can each get a little love drunk on your flight!
  4. Bose wireless sport headphones – These were a direct suggestion from Rob. He likes to listen to music while he’s working out or training so sport headphones are perfect because they are sweat resistant.
  5. Sorel slippers – We both love our Sorel boots; they’re warm, comfy and durable. Based on the reviews it sounds like these slippers follow suit.
  6. Dior Sauvage cologne – In my opinion, gifting cologne to your man is both a present for you and him. He ends up with something he’ll likely wear every day, but didn’t have to buy, and you get to choose a scent you like for him. Win/win.
  7. Boxers – Practical and simple…that’s all.
  8. Phone wallet case – This is a great gift in lieu of a wallet if he prefers not to carry one like my hubby.
  9. Citizen watch – Absolutely love this watch and it’s an AMAZING deal. It’s regularly around $300 and is less than $100 right now on Amazon. RUN!
  10. Nike joggers – Awesome at-home or day-time weekend wear. There are lots of color options, too, so you could grab a pair in his favorite team’s color.
  11. Ray-Ban sunglasses – I think this particular style of Ran-Bans looks great on almost anyone. They’re classic and stylish, and as an added bonus they’re unisex so you can borrow them…I won’t tell!

I hope this helped if you’ve been meaning to shop, but are a procrastinator like me!


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